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Teens Actively Serving Christ is a one-week Christian service trip for high school students and those who are one year out of high school. Along with their adult sponsors, participants from various churches travel to the Host Church to serve in and around their local community. During the week, TASCers enjoy times of work, recreation, and fellowship, with an emphasis on spiritual growth through personal devotions each morning and sessions led by the pastor, seminarian, or gifted speaker each evening. Because TASC aims to be a life-impacting week of spiritual and social growth for young people, we pray with the words of the Apostle Paul in Philemon 6, “I pray that the sharing of your faith may become effective for the full knowledge of every good thing that is in us for the sake of Christ.”


Watch this short video to learn more about TASC.



Locations, Dates, and Availability

We calculate space availability by the number of Guest Student TASCers each Host Church determines they can accommodate. Understand that the number below does not include Guest Sponsors or the Host Students and Sponsors from the church hosting the TASC Event. Each TASC site will include Guest Students and their Sponsors as well as Host Students and their Sponsors. 

- Pantego, North Carolina at Covenant URC: June 13 - 20

     Space Available for 26 Guest Student TASCers FULL

- Wyoming, Michigan at Bethany URC: June 27 - July 4

     Space Available for 25 Guest Student TASCers

- Salem, Oregon at Immanuel's Reformed Church (URC): July 25 - August 1

     Space Available for 20 Guest Student TASCers 

- Carbondale, Pennsylvania at Covenant Reformed Church (URC): August 8 - 15

     Space Available for 20 Guest Student TASCers FULL


Registration in 3 Phases

Important: Please download and read our "TASC Handout" which containts important instructions about each phase of TASC registration. Your youth leaders may have provided you with this document already. Downloadable documents are located at the top right of this webpage.

Phase 1 - February 2 - 10: Group Registration

During this phase, the "Primary Contact" person from each church registers their church youth group for TASC. Beginning at 6AM (eastern) on Monday, February 2, please REGISTER HERE (the link goes live on said date and time).  

Phase 2 - February 16 - APRIL 30 (Extended): Participant Registration

Beginning at 6AM (eastern) on Monday, February 16, Students and Sponsors can REGISTER HERE (the link goes live on said date and time). Within 72 hours of completing the online registration, you will receive an email from RMS confirming your registration.

Phase 3 - April 6 - 30: Second Site Registration

Provided there is space available, Students who wish to attend a second TASC are permitted to register during this time. Remember, 1 sponsor for every 1-5 students is required, so line up your sponsor(s) ahead of time. To register click here.



Please contact your church's "TASC PC" (Primary Contact) who will be able to answer your questions. If they don't know, they will contact RMS and get back with you. If you don't have a PC at your church, please contact the RMS Director. 



04 Aug

Pompton Plains TASC is complete (scroll down for photos)!

Friday, August 9

Friday began with rain, but we were determined to make it to the shore for our day away at Island Beach State Park. Our hopes were rewarded with beautiful weather. The clouds kept many away, so we had a large stretch of beach to ourselves, and shortly after our arrival the sun came out.

The water was in the 70s - great for swimming! - and many of the Michigan crew were excited about the big waves. Before we left we took a walk down the Seaside Heights boardwalk, which offered the TASCers another opportunity to see the devastation of Hurricane Sandy as well as the continued restoration efforts. Before piling into the cars to return home we stopped in the parking lot to sing "Amazing Grace" - remembering what God has done for us individually and collectively as a TASC group.

We enjoyed a final time of fellowship over a delicious dinner at the Village Inn in Wayne, NJ, then t-shirt signing and prayer back at the church. Goodbyes, as usual, took longer than planned, but there was a lot of hope in those goodbyes as we talked about seeing each other again at future TASC events (and beyond). It is so exciting to see God growing and building his church right before our eyes. What a week! Soli Deo Gloria! To God be the glory!


Thursday, August 8

Thursday already? That's usually how TASCers feel once the work week starts and the final day of work comes all too quickly. Today provided opportunities for the TASCers to finish the jobs they began at their respective worksites yesterday, and even tackle some new projects!

This week's work in a nutshell: gravel, more gravel, and painting. The folks at Solid Rock enjoyed a special lunch from Chick-Fil-A. Jericho Road workers continued to hear the testimonies of God's sovereignty and faithfulness from both residents and volunteers at the shelter. The girls at First Choice got to see the center in action today and dove 100% into completing their projects. In fact, when Pamela, one of the staff members called the team into her office to pray for them before they left, she looked surprised. "There are only six of you?" she asked. "I've been telling people all day we have 20 people back here painting for us."

TASCers arrived back to church from their worksites and immediately had to shift gears into talent show preparation. Two hours and a flurry of activity later, the TASCers presented a full and widely-varied show. Acts included skits, singing, and instrumental performances. The show ended with the entire team singing "Center," our theme song, together, with several of the TASCers signing while we sang. Lots of laughter and fellowship with the body of Christ! We ended the evening with our final session, where Joel concluded our discussion of Philemon 1:6, emphasizing the need for head knowledge to become a heart understanding, which often occurs when you are using your hands to serve.

Shore day tomorrow! No gravel involved this time...

08 Jul

TASC Report from New Westminster, BC, June 29 - July 6, 2013

Photos and Daily Recap (updated August 3, 2013)

Saturday, June 29

After missing the first flight and the next flights were delayed the Michigan group made it, better late than never, to Maranatha Canadian Reformed Church of Surrey, BC. We had some supper and took showers. A game of "Minute to Win it" proved to be a great mixer and we shared some great laughter watching each other "competing". We had an introduction to our "2 Ways to Live" (2W2L) session by Pastor Ted. Then it was lights out to prepare for the Lord's Day.

Sunday, June 30

Sunday presented itself as a full day beginning at 6 a.m. waking up and personal devotions (I love it! There's nothing like starting the week on time!). Our worship began at Orthodox Ref. Church of New Westminster where Rev. Gary Zekveld led us in worship bring to bear God's word found in the book of Hebrews. We returned to Maranatha for a potluck dinner with members of both congregations. We were privileged to meet and eat with those who made this event possible. A quick clean up and it we headed upstairs for worship, where Pastor Ted VanRaalte led us in worship and instruction in the books of Isaiah and Ephesians based on Lord's Day 46. It was extremely warm in the sanctuary and many had a hard time remaining focused after a long day of travel and three hour time difference. One of our TASCers helped accompany us after the worship service as we sang "O Canada", with her talents on the trumpet. After worship, we headed for showers (much needed, I might add) and returned for supper. Pastor Bill Wong from Union Gospel Missions came and prepared us for the times that we would be serving at his organization. He opened our eyes to seeing that the homeless and poor were not your stereo-typical people who are alcoholics, drug addicts or prostitutes. Many who come to the mission are normal people that due to some circumstances had a setback in their lives and wound up on the streets. They are all around us, mostly unnoticed because we are not "seeing" them. They are our invisible neighbors who are looking to heard, seen, and cared for. Our 2W2L session helped us begin training on presenting the gospel to those who may not have heard it through visual aids. After small groups, there was a little free time. It became very clear that the group had no trouble bonding as the group gathered around the piano for group singing. Then, it was time for lights out.

08 Jul

 Trinity TASC has concluded! Scroll down for photos.

We praise God for a wonderful week of Christian service in Central California!

Friday, July 12

Today was the last hurrah for the TASCers. After a busy week of work it was time for some fun. The group assembled in the morning and headed out to the Pacific Ocean! We spent the day in Avila, a fun ocean town for the kids to enjoy. They had fun going in the water, laying out in the sun, and playing volleyball. It was a very relaxing day. On the way home we had the chance to stop at California's famous In-N-Out for hamburgers. The out-of-towners were excited to get the In-N-Out experience. When we returned home we had one last sit down with our prayer groups. Now it's time to pack up and enjoy one last night together.

Thursday, July 11

Today was the last work day for our TASC teams. One team went all across the counties delivering mattresses for Love In the Name of Christ. They had the chance to meet some interesting people, share the gospel, and invite them to Trinity URC. Another team did their last day of work at Food Link. The majority of the teams went to the widow's house to complete the task set before them. At the end it was an amazing sight to see. From the beginning to end it has been a complete home makeover, and the local newspaper is even publishing an article about the team's work. After this lengthy day of work the teams returned home for a quick shower and dinner, and then we began our time of praise. Pastor Dieleman gave a final talk focused on love. We broke off into prayer groups to reflect upon the day. Then we reassembled for a fun game of Family Feud. We're all hoping for a good night's sleep, so we can enjoy the beach tomorrow!


Wednesday, July 10

The TASC continues on...Today one of the teams went to the Shelter of Hope. The Shelter of Hope is an overnight shelter for homeless mothers and children in the Visalia community, and it needed a new paint job. The team painted their kitchen and dining area. Another team went on a road trip for Love In the Name of Christ. The team delivered beds, refrigerators, and wash machines to many different families in need. This was a great task because upon every delivery the team was able to share their faith and invite the recipients to worship at Trinity URC. Another team went to Food Link. They turned repackaging Capri Sun into a challenge. They knew how many flats the previous teams had packaged, and they passed it. We'll see how tomorrow's team does. A fourth team went to the widow's house to continue painting, gardening, and refurbishing. It was an eventful day, and at the end of it the kids were ready for a dip in the pool. They were treated to hotdogs, hamburgers, and a relaxing evening. Pastor Dieleman gave a talk on the importance of kindness. Then everyone broke off into small groups to reflect on the day and pray.

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