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Jun 16 - Jun 26 Dominican Republic 2014
Jun 21 - Jun 28 TASC 2014 at Trinity URC in Caledonia, MI
Jul 26 - Aug 2 TASC 2014 at Covenant Reformed Church in Pella, IA
Jul 26 - Aug 2 TASC 2014 at West Sayville RBC in West Sayville, NY
Aug 2 - Aug 9 TASC 2014 at First URC in Chino, CA

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Dominican Republic Service Project June 2014
RMS is looking for 10-12 volunteers to work with Dr. Neal Hegeman in Sabana Grande de Boya, Dominican Republic.

The Caledonia, MI TASC Site is full. However, you can join the waiting list in case someone drops out, or the site decides to increase participation. To join the waiting list, please fill in this brief form by clicking HERE.

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